Shannon E. Meyer

I am a self-taught artist with a background in history. What I love about history and art is that they are both about the connections between people. History shares the actions, thoughts, and dreams of people who would otherwise be separated by time. Art is the expression of these same things. Art can be a very personal reflection of the artist, but at the same time keeping it private strips it of its meaning. In order for a creation to function as art it must be shared. That is when it fulfills its purpose of bridging the unfeeling space that separates two human beings. Somehow, color, light, shape, movement, sound, words, or whatever the artist's medium is serves as the vessel to show the audience that there are other living human beings out there, and through the shared connection of the thoughts and feelings we are each potentially capable of forming, we know we are not alone. Much of my work is based on the idea of these connections, whether it is through the depiction of another time and place--something that belonged to a previous life--or through recording moments from the contemporary world with the philosophy those moments are history in the making.


I grew up in Washington state. I graduated from Western Washington University in 2005 with a BA in history. After college I spent several years travelling around the United States working as a Ranger for the National Park Service. I am very fortunate to have met amazing people, seen wonderous places, and gained perspective on the things that truly matter in life. I currently reside in Alblasserdam, Netherlands.

Currently Displaying: Kunstuitleen Voorburg

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